Day 202 to 206 – 365 Project


                              202/365 Rainy day

It was raining heavily outside. You looked out the window for a while in your old room before curling up on the sofa to read one of your favourite books, Kiss Kiss. Sometimes you’d point to the baby hippo in the book and ask me to tell you its name. When I’d say the Norwegian name for hippo, flodhest, you’d make a horse sound because it has the word for horse (hest) in its name.



                                   203/365 Experiments with sand 

I could watch you for hours while you explore and experiment with new things, be it sand, dirt or whatever else it is that takes your interest. Through you life has somehow begun all over again. I see things through different eyes now, sometimes  through the worried eyes of a mother, sometimes with the new excitement of a child.



                                204/365 Heavy love

Your clumsy attempts at affection makes my mummy heart ache with love. On some levels I think old Fanta Pants knows you’re only trying to show your love despite how uncomfortable it may be for him. Good thing he’s a big cat.



                                    205/365 Summer swims (iphone photo) 

During the scorching hot February days you and  I would wait for pappa to come home so we could all escape to the pool. Your face would light up when you realised where we were going and as soon as we hit the water you’d be happy as only a little fish could be.



                                     206/365 Love, unconditional 

My loves, unconditionally and forever.

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