Day 197 to 201 – 365 project


                                     197/365 Cruisin’

Cruisin’ with your walker in your pre-walking days. We were getting ready to go swimming and you couldn’t quite work out why the hat had to stay on when we were still indoors.


198/365 Silly

                                         198/365 Silly

How I love watching you silly monkeys.



                                  199/365 Ice cream

Eating an ice cream by yourself for the first time. After holding it upside down for a while you let me convince you to turn it which made the whole eating bit a lot easier.



                                   200/365 Sandman

This was taken the day we finally got you your sandpit. You were the happiest little man around, eating copious amounts of sand and throwing as much of it out of the sandpit as possible.



                                   201/365 Time out 

Taking a three minute break to eat a biscuit and have a drink before getting back to serious sand business. Your face in deep thought, perhaps planning what to do next.

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