Last Sunday we turned the clock back an hour. I’m sure everyone who doesn’t have kids thought “Oh wonderful, another hour of sleep” just like I used to. And I’m sure most people with kids though “Oh great, now they’ll just wake up even earlier”. I know I did.


Que Mister 4.30. For a week now.

I’ve been bringing him into bed (which is now relocated permanently to the floor for the safety of His Highness) and a couple of mornings he would fall back asleep after a bit of fidgeting with my face. Maintaining body contact at all times it of utter importance. Those were the few, lucky ones, but most mornings it goes something like this:

Put Anakin in bed with us. I get back up to turn off the night light and he screams because I dare leave his side for a second. Lie back down, resume body contact. Fidget with mamma’s face. Poke her in the eye. Roll onto mamma’s face, roll off her face. Roll onto mamma’s head, roll off her head. Poke her in the eye, poke her in the nose. Pull mamma’s hair, hit her in the head, scratch her face, poke her in the mouth. Roll onto her face, roll off her face. Roll onto her face, roll of her face. Hit her in the head. Kick her in the head. Kick her in the face. Kick pappa in the face. Poke mamma in the eye, find the other eye and poke that too. Pull mamma’s lips, poke her in the nose. Start whingeing. Roll, squirm, roll, kick, find a face to kick, find a face to roll onto. Lie sideways on mamma while pulling her hair. Roll off, turn around and kick her in the face. Turn around again and kick pappa in the face. Repeat for up to 40 minutes. Cry. Cry some more. Cry, hit and kick until mamma gives up and turns the light on. Get excited about “pippin” (boob), crawl towards pippin while mamma tries to put her robe on. Cry because pippin is taking too long. Finally pippin. Fidget and cuddle mamma while eating. Roll onto pappa for a cuddle, back to pippin. Roll around in bed, touch all the no-no’s, roll around some more before more pippin. See cat, chase cat, back to bed, see pippin, more pippin. Roll onto pappa, roll onto mamma, some more pippin and we’re finally up.

Good morning.

Do your kids react to time changes or do they sleep as normal if the changes are small? Have you ever had a kid with jet lag? If so, I’d love to hear how you dealt with it. We’re flying to Norway in a couple of months and I’m dreading the flight and the jet lag already. Any tips?

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