Day 193 to 196 – 376 Project


                               193/365 Peekaboo 

You hanging off one of my legs is a common sight. Your curious eyes searching for something new and exciting. What are we doing today? Where’s the next adventure?



                                  194/365  The Laundromat

This is hands down one of my favourite shots from this series so far. I took you to the laundromat for a change of scenery. We don’t use it, but I’ve always loved laundromats.  Their old, retro interiors, whispers of an era almost gone. You sat there quiet watching traffic for just the right amount of time for me to shoot a few frames.



                                    195/365 Cub

I used to watch nature programs and think about how much fun it looked like the mums and cubs were having. The cubs crawling around on their mum, playing, biting, rolling over, just practicing for life in the very best way. Now that I have you it doesn’t seem like we’re so much different from those animals.



                                    196/365 You’re home! 

I can’t imagine a better welcome committee than you, and the look on your pappa’s face whenever you greet him tells me that this couldn’t be more true.


I managed to skip a day in my last post so I had to go back and add a shot to that. I blame the scatter brain. And so… this brings us to mid February. Still oh so far behind, but we keep trucking!


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