Day 187 to 192 – 365 Project


                                    187/365 Perfection 

They seem distant already those hot summer days we spent outside splashing in the pool. You naked and so happy. There is nothing more perfect to me than your naked body.



                               188/365 Love that face 

Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones that are the sharpest or even in focus. Of all the photos from that day, this one captures exactly how happy and cheeky you were sharing an ice cream with your pappa. The other ones may be technically better, but much like parenting, technicalities aren’t always what’s most important. Gosh, I love that face.



                                        189/365 Dirt

It would seem that all kids love to eat dirt. It must be an acquired taste because personally I’d rather pass. It’s probably a case of been there, done that. But I do enjoy your dirty face.



                                          190/365 My way

Is it terrible of me to occasionally think you’re incredibly cute when you have a tantrum?



                                   191/365 Cooking

Helping me cook up some black bean and vegetable lasagne.



                                    192/365 Bad day

This was that day. It was a hard day to get through and I had a cry after it all peaked with the phone call that told me they stuffed up my pay and we had no rent money. You looked at me and gave me a big smile and a cuddle. You always know how to make me feel better.

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