Day 177 to 181 – 365 Project


                                     177/365 Stare bear

Your upper lip covers your lower lip when you feel insecure or tired. You’ve got that distant look on your face telling me it’s late in the day, you’re hungry and soon ready for bed.



                                     178/365 Playground

Pretty soon winter will be here and these hot summer days at the playground will be nothing but memories from a time before you could walk around on your own. In no time you’ll be getting up the slide on your own and making my heart jump by climbing everything you see.



                                    179/365 This little piggy

This is one of my favourite photographs of us. I love dressing up and I love that it doesn’t freak you out at all. Your curiosity is boundless. We’re gonna have so much fun with costumes and cameras!




                                   180/365 Sweeper

You’ve started mimicking the things I do around the house. You sweep, you mop the floors and you cook food (lego) with your spatula. I’m amazed at how incredibly quickly you’re growing up.



                                     181/365 Sweet ride

We take a stroll with your trike around the neighbour hood. You get a real kick out of riding it. As we watch the trains go by it starts raining. We put the rain cover on the trike and you look like a little bubble boy. It won’t be long now before your feet can reach the pedals.


And that brings us to the end of January!




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