Day 163 to 167 – 365 Project


                                163/365 Spatula

For a long time the spatula was one of your favourite toys. Usually used to stir legos with, making them fly all over the place. Sometimes the best toys are the ones you find around the house.



                                     164/365 Hvor stor er du? 

Every time we ask you have big you are, you’ll raise one hand to show us. You’re probably getting tired of us asking, but you’re too cute doing it to stop just yet.



                                           165/365 The curl

I was trying to take a photo of the big curl behind your ear, but you kept giving me these huge smiles that made me focus on your face rather than your hair.



                                   166/365 You & Me

You & me, at home doing our thing while we wait for pappa to return from work. Life couldn’t be better.



                                     167/365 Walking

This was the first day you showed any interest in walking with some help. You’d cruise furniture, but that day you found out that having two helping hands made it all so much easier. (Your pants are wet from water, not pee, just in case you were wondering.)


I’m still playing catch up, in a massive way, on the editing of this project, hence the longer posts with more photos. These ones bring us up to mid-january. Bare with me! Up, up and way, right?


2 responses

  1. Onwards and upwards 😉 you can do it!

    March 9, 2013 at 10:04 pm

  2. very cute curl 🙂

    March 10, 2013 at 9:54 am

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