Coffee, make it strong and pour it straight in the eyes, thanks!

I can’t feel my face. No, wait, I can and it hurts. Perhaps it’s my brain I can’t feel. No, that hurts too.

7 times between 11 and 5.40 this morning my son had me in his room tending to his needs, trying to put him back to sleep. A few cuddles, a dummy, whatever it took. I can’t do the math on this, but just look at those numbers and you know I didn’t get much sleep last night at all. And when I made it back to bed in the intervals the snoring next to me would start. Funny how that works… So much for going to bed around 10 and thinking today would be better than yesterday, at least when it came to having slept. When I finally did get to go back to bed this morning, his crying and other voices from downstairs kept me awake for a bit longer. And then… I was awoken by the sound of a ball being thrown repeatedly towards what I can only guess was the door downstairs. Oh what a joyous night and morning.

It's not pretty, but it's true

It’s not pretty, but it’s true (Photobooth, you should really update your camera.)

I need coffee. Make it strong and pour it straight in the eyes, thanks! I’ve got work to do  and in less than an hour that little voice will sound over the monitor again beckoning me to his side.

Good Friday, everyone! We’re entering day 4 of a ten day 30+ heatwave here in Melbourne. Stay cool!

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