Day 159 to 162 – 365 Project


                                   159/365 Helping hand

After watching me mop the floors you quickly work out how it’s done and get to it, occasionally stopping to taste the handle. I adore your ‘focused face’. In almost every shot I took of you while you were mopping you have the same expression. It’s hard work mopping.



                                          160/365 Rock Star

I guess it doesn’t count much if I say you’re a spiffy dresser since I’m the one who dresses you, but hey, you sure are.



                             161/365 Chocolate ice cream face

Cutest mess I’ve ever seen, your very first taste of chocolate ice cream. So happy until it was all gone.



                                  162/365 Joy crew

One of the last day’s of uncle Eirik’s visit we all head out to the park to get some fresh air. You and your little joy crew, all doing their very best to make your day as good as it can be with swings, bubbles and slides.

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