Day 144 to 147 – 365 Project


                            144/365 Will 

Christmas day we go to hang out in the park with Will and his friends from Singapore. One of them had a strange pair of christmas tree glasses Will puts on for your amusement. You spent most of your time climbing all over him like a monkey, trying to put your finger in his bottle or play with his phone. Good thing he’s decided that he likes you. But seriously, how could he not?


                                  145/365 Those eyes

I guess it’s a parents privilege to never get sick of looking at your own child. I could stare at you for hours. Some times, when you go to sleep, I just sit there looking at photos or videos of you, amazed at how beautiful you are.


                                146/365 Uncle Eirik 

Your uncle Eirik finally came to visit. You were asleep when he got here, but you quickly made friends when you woke up. Once pappa came home from work your little balloon deflated after an exciting day and all you wanted were some cuddles before bath time.


                                 147/365 Little body 

You’re growing up so fast. I’m not ready for your little body to grow out of its baby stages. When I look at you I can’t help but want to stop time, just for a little while, and have you stay my little baby for a while longer.

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