Closer. Tighter.

We had one of those days yesterday. You know the kind where you just need to stop, take a breath, and appreciate what you have just that little bit more.  It was a day of close calls.


We started some long awaited home improvements on Sunday. Things got moved around and some things that had previously been hidden out of reach of small hands suddenly became accessible. In the chaos to get things back to a liveable state we failed to foresee certain new dangers.

Anakin will use anything to walk these days. If it can be pushed he will get behind it and walk around with it. We had a glass vase almost the size of him in a corner in the dining area full of shopping bags. I woke up to a smash followed by Anakin crying. Loud and desperate. I rushed downstairs to find Steinar standing in a sea of glass trying to check Anakin’s hands. Anakin had found the vase, used it to walk, it tipped, smashed and he fell on top of it. Thankfully he escaped with only a couple of small cuts to one of his hands and wrist, but given the size of the vase and falling on top of it, it could have easily been a disaster with an unmentionable outcome.

Later, I was on my way home from some errands on the tram with Anakin strapped to my chest. The tram stops and we make our way outside. I take one step out of the tram and a ute swooshes past just barely missing us both. The driver, a young man, doesn’t even slow down, but waves his hand out the window as he drives off. Heart racing and legs shaking we stumble home.

On top of some other bad news, it was a Monday from which the week can only go upwards. I ended the day by going to my first power Pilates class (which was excellent) and drinking a bit too much wine.


We all needed some extra tender, love and care yesterday, and to be held just that little bit closer and that little bit tighter. On days like that life feels too frail.

2 responses

  1. Reminded me of the time when… Imagine me walking out of the washroom on the upper floor and see Timothy almost at the top of the stairs – he sees me, straightens up and flails his hands happily. It took my strength to calmly come and pick him up so as not to scare him and cause him to fly downstairs. My limbs were water for half an hour afterwards. What if he fell while he was still climbing and I was in the washroom? What if he tipped over when he saw me emerge from the washroom?

    And we were so sure we barricade the stairs well…

    It’s crazy how frail everything is 😦

    February 12, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    • That sounds terrifying! It’s not always easy to stay calm in those situations. They can be pretty quick when they want to be. Anakin seems to be able to get to new things every week. This definitely made us look a bit closer at what’s around and where it’s placed. We can’t keep an eye on him all the time. We were pretty shaken all day yesterday. Hopefully it’ll be a long time until anything similar happens again.

      February 12, 2013 at 2:55 pm

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