Day 129 to 131 – 365 Project


                                 129/365 Fan

You were utterly perplexed by how the fan made your hair fly. You sat there making excited sounds, not sure if you really wanted it to continue or not.



                          130/365 Quincey Edward James Fanta Pants

Quincey’s about your size and he weighs more than you do. He’s an elderly fellow, a bit shy from a rough past. His previous owner died and no one found poor Quincey, or his owner, in their apartment for well over a month. We picked him up at a shelter a few years ago. Our hearts bled for the gentle giant no one wanted so we decided before meeting any of the other cats that he was the one. You sometimes scare him, but I think he’s taking a like to you, giving you headbutts and letting you pet his tummy. As soon as you fine tune your petting skills, he’ll be your best buddy for the rest of his life.



                                   131/365 Kiss

We love your kisses. It always makes me bubble on the inside when you crawl over just to give us a kiss or a cuddle. I’m going to steal as many of them as I can because the day will probably come when you will no longer want to give them, but I hope that day never comes.



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