Day 113 to 115 – 365 Project


                                113/365 Pac-Man

You inherited this Pac-man pj from some friends of ours. It’s so good. I love how quirky it is. Pac-Man used to be one of my favourite games when I was growing up.



                                        114/365 Cheers, Nathan!

You’ve been having this odd fascination with beer bottles lately. If we’re not watching you’ll try to get them out of the recycling. When we’re out at BBQ’s you’ll try to stick your finger in everyone’s bottle before either trying to put it in their nose or mouth, or in your own. I think I prefer you sticking to your water bottles for another uhm… 17 years, my dear.



                                      115/365 Precious

Wearing my hat, reading a book, curling your toes from the grass tickling your feet. How precious these moments are and how lucky I am to be able to spend my days with you.

One response

  1. Looking at your pics in the park, on the grass, always makes me resent the winter! I wanna see how Timothy would react to grass, too!

    January 18, 2013 at 12:37 am

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