Day 107 to 109 – 365 Project


                                107/365 Wind in your hair

Before we go off to meet a friend for coffee you and your pappa take a moment to enjoy the wind in your hair and the view from the roof of the car.



                                   108/365 Bare feet 

What’s over here? What’s this? What’s that? Anything and everything is interesting to new eyes. I laugh as I watch you try to navigate the pavement while not liking how it feels on your bare feet.



                                 109/365 Winner

That face is such a winner. This is by far one of my favourite photos of you. You were having a ball playing with your friends at play group. Sharing food, sharing toys and trying to talk the loudest of them all.



One response

  1. Playgroups rock!

    January 8, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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