Day 81 to 84 – 365 Project

(So I realised after double-checking my metadata that the two last images from the previous instalment of this project were from the same day, hence the extra image in this one.)

                                     81/365 Mother’s group

Tuesdays are one of my favourite days. I love our mother’s group, they have saved my sanity more than once this past year. I’m fairly sure you feel the same. After all, where there is people to charm and play with you are in your element. This day unfortunately wasn’t one of them for you. It was the first of many days where you were sick and nothing felt quite right.

                                  82/365 Love of light

You certainly are your mother’s son fiddling with every light you see. I guess this is as close to a light painting as I’ll get of you for a few years. I look forward to one day making you part of my art and taking you out to share the beauty and magic of lighting the dark.

                                  83/365 Silhouette 

Some days I can hardly keep up with you. You’re off in a flash to discover something new. Pulling on blinds, pushing new buttons or chasing cats while squealing with delight.

                                     84/365 Pappa’s Squiggle 

We gave you the nickname Squiggle when you were very little. You were always squiggling around, busy taking as much of the world in as you could. You will always be pappa’s little Squiggle no matter how big you get. I melt a little every time I hear how his voice changes when he calls out “Squiggle” or “Squiggles”. I’m not sure you’ll ever grow out of that name.

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