Finally Friday… and 11 months today

It’s finally Friday. I am more than ready to leave this week behind and head on in to the weekend.

Anakin finally pushed that third tooth out only to have three more start to bother him at the same time. Evenings have been too warm for him to get to sleep easily. Nap times have been shorter than usual and rest has been harder to find. I would do anything to take his discomfort for him. Double it, triple it, I don’t care as long as it happens to me and not to him.

Me, I did my own head in a bit this week. I let my doubts and stress get under my skin, leave me too vulnerable. Thankfully I have a little someone to help me keep my priorities straight.

On a sunnier note, 11 months ago today Anakin came into our lives and brought with him more smiles and more love than we could ever possibly have imagined.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect son. I could never have imagined how big my heart could grow and keep growing.

Words can not explain how much I love you, they fail to express how you complete me, my love.

Happy 11 months, Anakin! Only one more to go before your big day! (wow, the idea of you turning 1 blows my mind!)

And good Friday to you all! I hope the weekend brings lots of smiles and comfort from those you love.

xx Dida


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