Night night

Some of my favourite moments happen as I get Anakin ready for bed. He has his last feed which is a combination of breastfeeding and talking to me about Mister Jackolope who hangs above us on the wall. Anakin has a few words now, his favourite ones being “look” and “there” (they’re in norwegian of course). He’ll stop eating to say “look” and point to Mister Jackolope and wait for me to say his name.

But my most favourite bit is when he’s done eating. He gets his dummy and curls up in my arms with his head on my chest while I sing him a norwegian lullaby and stroke his hair. Then we say night night to the things in his room before he once again curls up in my arms while I gently rock him and hum another norwegian lullaby before putting him to bed. I kiss his face all over and tell him I love him.

Some nights I wish we could stay like that forever. I wish I could fall asleep with him, or sit there until he drifts off. Some nights I wish we had a big family bed where we all could sleep. Maybe one day we’ll have one.

Night night, my love. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you when you wake.

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