Day 61 to 63 – 365 Project

                              61/365 Smiles

You have the very best smiles. They’re contagious and they can turn my mood around in an instant. You’re such a heartbreaker, my love.

                        62/365 Curious George 

I sometimes forget that to you everything is new and exciting. You’re such a curious little guy. I promise to vacuum more often to enhance your experience of licking the upstairs carpet, and to raise the blinds out of reach rather than saying “No” all the time.

                                   63/365 Tiny feet

Your feet are so cute it kills me. I love how you wiggle your toes and curl them around everything. It’s hard to imagine that one day these little piggies will be big, hairy man toes.



2 responses

  1. Beautiful….God bless!!

    October 31, 2012 at 3:54 am

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