Day 58 to 60 – 365 Project

I’m still ridiculously behind in the editing and posting of this. If I have time I may have to bombard you with a few instalments. Anyways… onwards and upwards!

                                 58/365 #1 Civilisation 

We don’t let you watch tv, but I needed a change of scenery from the kitchen for that days photo and it was raining outside. Your pappa had hurt his back and was sofa bound. To pass time he played Civilisation. I’m not sure he thought Hedda was much help, but you were thoroughly amused for the short time I let you watch while snapping a couple of shots.

                                   58/365 #2 Future Tv Slave?

Something tells me we’ll be seeing this again once we open the world of tv to you. You’ll have to wait a while for that to happen. As far as I’m concerned babies and tv are still an unnecessary mix.

                                   59/365 Magic taps

Your fascination with the taps in the bathtub seems never-ending. You can barely reach them, but that doesn’t stop you from trying most of the time you’re in there. Unless you’re pulling out the plug. Between plug and taps, who needs to care about their bath toys?

                                  60/365 Your not-so-happy face

You were having one of those days where I couldn’t leave your side for a second before you were in tears. Being two steps away to take a photo was two steps too much.

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