(Insta)Moments of late

(Instagram snaps from @didajenta)

  1. Anakin’s been sick and cutting a new tooth this week, but sick or not, he still has plenty of smiles, some full of banana.
  2. After feeds we spend some time cuddling. Lately this involves a lot of poking my belly button.
  3. The days of peace are over for the cats. Whenever Anakin sees them, he’s off as fast he can. Hedda wisely knows to keep her distance.
  4. Sometimes when we’re not feeling great we just need a hand to hold. I’ve spent a lot of time this week just holding Anakin and I think it’s done us both a lot of good.
  5. There has been a lot of cuddles lately. Staying close is even more important when we don’t feel well.
  6. Even big boys get excited about seeing trains.
  7. Tights made from my old knee-high socks, one of my DIY projects.
  8. Devilishly handsome in his homemade getup. (Another one of my DIY projects)
  9. A boy and his fish. Anakin loves our adopted fish, Olav. We can’t wait to take him to the aquarium.
  10. The black sheep finger puppet is a favourite toy. And as long as I am within reach (as in right there), it is ok to play alone for a bit.
  11. Anakin has found a new love in magazines. He turns (and tears) the pages talking to all the faces he sees. He particularly likes Johnny Depp on the cover. Steinar bought this for me the day Anakin was born before he left the hospital so I’d have something to read.
  12. Too soon for coffee? It doesn’t matter that the cup is empty as long as he gets to take part in what we are doing. Drinking or gnawing, it’s all the same.

Waking lion

The week is over. Our little lion now has two teeth! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend, I know we did!

xx Dida


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