Day 52 to 54 – 365 Project

                             52/365 You & Me 

I decided to start taking more photos of you and me. There’s not that many of us since I’m usually behind the camera. You look so quiet and far away in this one. I recognise it well, it’s a place I used to find myself often and still do when all is quiet and you’re sleeping.

                        53/365 Upside Down

You’re such a little fearless monkey. We twirl you around, turn you upside down and you laugh so much your whole body shakes. Your laughter is my favourite sound.

                                  54/365 My Love

Sometimes you pull this particular face that makes me want to squeeze you so hard and never let go. Your joys are so simple and pure. You’re the happiest baby I think I’ve ever met. I hope that when you grow older you’ll cherish all the photos we’ve taken and see that you couldn’t possibly have been loved more than you are. Your laughter can change my mood in an instant, my love for you is so great I’m afraid I might explode. Until we had you I never understood that was possible to carry my heart outside myself. You’re my heart, everything that makes this life wonderful and worth living is in you.

One response

  1. Liv Ellingsen

    Dere er fantastisk nydelige !!! Veldig glad i dere

    October 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm

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