Day 43 to 45 – 365 Project

                              43/365 Ladies Man (iPhone photo)

This was the first day I forgot to take a photo of you. Well, that’s not entirely correct, I did take a couple of photos, just with my iPhone. I’m excused because it was Mummy Surprise-day. Anyways.  Here’s you and Jess. You love the ladies and the ladies certainly love you. I love you both.

                            44/365 Where is the green sheep?

I’m not sure which one’s your favourite anymore, this one or the cat book. I often find you with it, quietly reading and pointing at the various sheep the way we do when we read it together. “There!” “There!” My heart melts a little more every time.

                                          45/365 #1

                           45/365 #2 Little Fish

You’re such a little fish. Ever since your very first bath in the hospital this has been your element. I think this was the last time you used your baby bath before we moved you to the big bathtub. I can’t wait to take you to the ocean this summer.

2 responses

  1. Every time I check in here I start to smile. When our oldest was about four years old he got a crush on Star Wars and being only four and Swedish he talked about the cool Darf Veibur and his StormPoopers. We didn’t correct him and for a whole year we just smiled all the times he was going on and on about his LEGO Star Wars game. Your blog brings back nice memories and smiles. Have a great week with many laughs! Wonderful photos of wonderful joy!

    October 4, 2012 at 7:20 am

  2. That is so cute! We say good night to Darth Vader and Yoda every night. Anakin has a Vader head and a Yoda backpack in his room. I can’t wait to hear his little voice try to pronounce their names. I’m so glad we make you smile! I hope you’re enjoying your blooming baby belly! Part of me really misses being pregnant. It was such an amazing journey. Have an excellent week! xx

    October 4, 2012 at 10:04 am

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