Close to me – An UpSide Down day

We’re having an upside-down day. We’ve had them before, but not quite like this. As I said yesterday, wee man is cutting his first tooth. I was hoping it wouldn’t affect him too bad, but I may have been a bit too naive.

Last night I was woken up by a cry I haven’t heard too many times before. Anakin usually lets out an “Eeeee… eeee..” (yeah, I know, real descriptive) when he wakes up, but last night it was a full-fledged “help me, I’m scared and in pain” cry at 4.30. He’d gone through his motions of waking twice and eating once at his (now) usual times and I was expecting him to be out until at least 5.30 so this one brutally pulled me out of my sleep with a sense of desperate urgency. I’m pretty sure I looked like a flailing idiot trying to fling the cat off me while looking for my clothes, getting dressed and trying not to wake my other man (Steinar) in the process. I stumbled into his room and found him in a heap of tears. I made a quick decision to give him another feed as it seemed to be the only thing that would settle him. He calmed down and started eating before he all of a sudden pulled off, looked at me and loudly exclaimed “Hedda!” (the name of one of our cats) before throwing himself back on the boob. “Shit, are we really starting the day already? But I’d only just fallen asleep!” I was less than happy in my groggy state, but reminded myself that in times of teeth Thou Shall Be Overly Nice To Thy Spawn.

About 10 minutes later he was out cold. I did a quick swap of boob with dummy and put him in his cot. He rolled into a weird twisty angle, spat out the dummy and grunted. I thought it was all over when he suddenly fell limp again. Victory! I waited a few minutes before sneaking back out and into bed. Then at 6.30 I was woken by the same desperate cry. This time he was inconsolable. I held him close, rocked him and sang the Winnie the Pooh song, which is his current favourite, until he calmed down. After his breakfast feed he fell asleep in my arms again. I figured it wouldn’t last very long so I just sat there admiring him, soaking him up thinking about how these days are numbered. And he kept sleeping. I curled up with him and just let him sleep in my arms. And we stayed like that until 8.15, him sleeping and me breathing him in.

Just stay close to me

Our schedule has gone out the window today and that’s ok. Anakin just wants to be close and I am more than happy to oblige. It’s 1 pm and we’re just having lunch after a late nap. I look like a bad impression of a scarecrow and his tooth is nowhere closer to coming up. It’s gonna be one of those days and that’s perfectly fine. He’s growing up so fast it’s nice to have a slow day where he needs me a little bit extra.

You stay close to me, little darling. You can bite my finger if it makes you feel better.

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