It’s got teeth! Run away!!

Alright, so that’s not entirely true, but it’s very close to true.

At just over 9 months Anakin is cutting his first tooth. I felt a little sharp edge last night, but it was bedtime and no time to get the flashlight out to go all excited (and terrified) parent/dentist on him. But when he happily started chomping down on my finger again this morning I felt it again and had a look. It’s a tooth alright. It’s not all the way through yet, but I reckon in a day or two we’ll see a pearly white. And I’m just a tad bit scared of it.

He’s been dribbling like crazy, as in needs a dry shirt a few times a day crazy, for a while and he’s been rubbing his little gums on my fingers whenever he can. Thankfully, he’s stopped biting when he feeds (for now). He’ll take breaks and pull off to gnaw on his hands or my shirt. Good boy! I can’t say the same for my face. A bite on the nose is more than common. He’s also really into kissing at the moment. Big, sloppy, dribbles all over your face kisses that can quickly turn into a chomp on the lip. Something tells me that sometime in the near future there will be blood and it will be mine.

That’s true love. Tasty, painful true love.

He’s been taking real shit naps today. I’ve been running up and down the stairs plugging him back up with the dummy, rubbing his tummy and cursing the noisy builders next door more times than I care to remember. But besides that, Anakin is his happy little self. I’m choosing to be terribly naive and believe that he’ll just breeze through the whole thing. We’ve been having some great nights and I’ll cry if he goes back to his vampire ways. Hah. Oh please have mercy on me… I actually felt almost human this morning after sleeping for over 4 hours in one go. I know, it’s pathetic, but hey, it was pretty damn good!

A tooth. Yikes! Is it ok to suddenly feel that time is going by too fast and getting all sentimental about my baby becoming a little boy?

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