The daily race

Here it is again, the daily race. It looks pretty much like this:

Anakin goes down for his afternoon nap. Lately this requires me hiding next to his bed with one hand on his tummy which I gradually remove as he settles. He falls asleep and I sneak out of the room. i tip toe down the stairs, holding my breath, silently swearing with every loud creak they make. (Seriously, these stairs are noisy!) I turn off my music and listen to the monitor for a second. Quiet. And the race begins!

Quickly, make something to eat. If I can’t find anything, then screw eating. I fix my second cup of coffee, get a glass of water, chuck out one or both cats and sit down with my laptop. Open Photoshop Bridge, Photoshop, my email, Facebook and wordpress. Then simultaneously try to go through and catalogue some photos, do some quick edits of a few shots, (there is no time for finesse anymore. Just.Get.It.Done.) check my email, reply to whatever needs my attention, draft/publish a blog and eat/drink/relax. Occasionally I even have time to do a spell check, but mostly I do it after the fact and update. Please pardon my neglect, all grammar nazis.

Captain Cute in a shower cap

If there is any time left, I start worrying about how the hell I’m going to manage my research and making new artwork in two months when my maternity leave ends and I resume my postgrad while still being a stay at home mum. hah. yeah. sounds real plausible to get that done, right?  Yes, sir. F**k.

Sometimes the race makes me run in circles. My mummy brain overloads from lack of sleep or whatever else it overloads on, and I do some pretty retarded things. Let me give you an example. Yesterday I was looking for the paper towels. I knew I had them somewhere because I had just used them to clean my glasses. But I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I do what I normally do when I can’t find something, I try retracing my steps. You will never guess where  they were. In the dishwasher. Who the hell puts the paper towels in the dishwasher?!?

Yesterday I even threw in screen printing a pair of Anakin’s pants into the race mix. (Photos to come later.) Got to get as much as possible done while the jedi sleeps. What about the housework, you say? Screw the housework. I have made a pledge to myself to not do any chores while Anakin naps. Nap time is mummy time. I don’t care that the kitchen looks like a bomb went off. It’s not as bad as it looks, really. It will be dealt with later. And I rarely even shower while he sleeps. (Ok, so it does happen every now and then.) I usually make the poor little fella come with me when I shower. He doesn’t get to shower himself, no, but I make him stay in the bathroom with me. Laundry? All gets done when Anakin is awake or after he goes down for the night. The way I see it is that I spend pretty much every minute of his waking hours tending to his needs, so when he goes down it’s time for me to tend to mine. Even if that involves looking at photos of him, writing about him or whatnot. Jeez. That just made me feel a little sad really. Not much, but a little. Even Anakin sleep time is Anakin time when I look at it like that.

Sometimes I just let other people entertain him. Here is his first meeting with doggies at Aunty Shae’s house.

No babies were eaten in the production of this photo.

Oh well. I’m half way through my coffee and it’s time to start some quick editing. Got to give you your dose of Anakin too, right? I should probably just go lie down, but for some reason that would feel like wasted time. I don’t have time to waste. Got to do things. Must do things. So many things to get done. So little time.

Alright, i’ve exhausted myself just writing about the race. Better get on with it.

Who wouldn’t want to look at this face all day?

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