Plan #1 – 10 days

It’s been one of those weeks. The greater the high, the longer the fall, right? (I don’t know how that saying goes, but it sounds good enough to me.) From Saturday to where we were yesterday was a long way down. In some ways I think Saturday’s happy events is what kept me from falling flat on my face this week. No… It wasn’t a good week for sleep in our household. But, it’s Friday and things are looking up! I love Fridays! (And it helps that I had some sleep. I said some, not a whole lot, but some will do fine for now.)

We’ve come up with a 10 day plan for dealing with night wakings and hopefully by the end of it we’ll see some improvements. If things stay the way they were last night it’ll be an easy ride. If they go back to what they were on Monday and Tuesday night we’re in for 10 days of hell. And let me just say this; when I don’t sleep, I become quite the asshole. Oh yes, it’s true. I’m still capable of being a loving mother (though it takes a lot more effort on my behalf), but as for loving partner? Heh. Nah. Just plain asshole. Sorry, babe. I haven’t really slept much in over 9 months, but I’ve managed to not be a total asshole all the time. I hope. Just hang in there, I’ll return from the land of the tortured and dying eventually.

So, a 10 day plan. It’s a gentle plan. We’ve looked at Pantley’s No-cry sleep solution and we’ve come up with something we’re willing to see through. It’s flexible, it doesn’t involve any tears and I’m fairly sure it’s something all three of us can live with. First off, we’ll do our best to stretch the times between feeds by resettling. He’ll resettle alright most of the time, he just won’t stay asleep for very long without boob. Not that he sleeps for very long with boob either. But that’ll change. If it becomes clear that resettling isn’t working I’ll feed him, but for shorter times and I’ll try to remove the nipple before he falls asleep to work towards breaking the sucking to sleep association. We’re aiming towards going back to two overnight feeds first, then moving on to one. We’re also working with very specific bedtime and nap times, and routines for both day and night. Our bedtime routine is the same as it’s been for ages, just with a few tweaks. It usually works really well. If it doesn’t a hand on the tummy seems to do wonders these days. We’re also introducing a sleep time lovey, mr Frog (Frosken). After 10 days we’ll re-evaluate and see if we need to change something and if things have improved. Hopefully they have. It’ll take time and consistency. And a whole lot of patience and chocolate.

Shit, I forgot to say that we have already started. We’re going until next Sunday.

As for our little Sith lord? He’s still ridiculously cute, pointing away and trying out new things. Still a mighty bookworm. He still amazes me every day. And he still makes me burst into a million bubbles.

iPhone shopping baby


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