Day 34 to 36 – 365 Project

                               34/365 Pointy Finger

Anakin’s new favourite thing is to point to things and say “There!” (Or sort of say there…) His favourite thing to point at is (not surprisingly) Hedda.

                               35/365 Food for little fingers

We’ve started the journey into finger foods. I have never seen a more content little man than this one when he gets to feed himself.

                                36/365 #1 Little Lights 

It’s early morning and I’ve given Anakin his nightlight to play with while I wash my hands (and take a photo.) Hedda is as usual not far away.

                           36/365 #2 Family 

I had to add this second shot. Hedda’s expression is too good. (Do cats have expressions?) Moments like these are my favourite.


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