Surprise! …Does mummy-me like surprises?

The question I’ve been pondering today is this: Does mummy-me like surprises?

Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted a surprise birthday party. I’ve never gotten one, and no, it’s not my birthday. I think I like surprises, but the question is does mummy-me like them?

I got this mysterious letter in the mail today. My brain was rather confused after another one of those one hour on, one hour off nights and at first I thought someone was asking me to help them move. It’s true, I did. But then I thought one doesn’t send a request for moving help with express mail and who in their right mind asks a new mum to help them move?!? So my wits finally caught up with me and I read the whole thing again. Aha! Someone is doing something nice for me! Or I think it is nice, it’s hard to tell without knowing anything, but I am definitely leaning towards nice! How exciting! How confusing! What, when, how, how long, where? Who would make surprise plans for me?

Since Anakin was born I have become a stickler for planning. I need to plan ahead. Times, food, how to work around naps and breastfeeds which he does not do well with things happening around. So upon reading this mysterious letter for the tenth time, my mummy brain started to get seriously confused. Make myself pretty, but pretty comfortable? Await collection? Am I breastfeeding, in which case I’ll need to dress for that. Am I bringing baby? Do these people have a car seat for baby? Have they planned for baby? Do I pack for baby? If baby isn’t coming, how will he be fed? Is the one feed in the freezer still good? What about his next feed? What about our schedule? How long will I be gone for? Will I be back for baby’s dinner feed? Needless to say I quickly exhausted myself and my baby focused brain.

I have been prodding Steinar for information all afternoon, but it has given me nothing but frustrating nonsensical answers. So my brain is left as it was, confused, but also nervously excited.

To answer the question of whether mummy-me like surprises I’ll have to wait until Saturday. I will say this though, I am fairly sure she does, or that she’ll at least like this one. It feels like a good one. She just gets a bit stressed when there is no mention of baby and there are more questions than there are answers. Mummy-me’s life revolves around baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it has since he was born. She doesn’t quite know how to not think about baby first, second and third. Perhaps I really need this reminder that there’s more to me than just mummy-me.

The one thing the letter asks that I already fulfil is to love my Melbourne family. I do indeed love them! And I am fairly sure I will love them even more after Saturday. (Yes, yes, I know they mean Love, your Melbourne family. But when you live with GrammarNazi this becomes part of your sense of humour. hah!)

OH BOY, I really am excited!! And nervous! And still a bit confused. To whoever in my Melbourne family that decided to make such an effort: Thank you! I’ll do my best to be a good little (non?)mummy come Saturday!

(On surprises mummy-me doesn’t like: Having a nice family moment in the bathroom and then stepping in cat vomit.)

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