Parenting choices (additional note)

This morning my partner directed my attention to an article in The Age about new research on behavioural techniques to regulate sleep that claims it does not cause long-term harm. I thought in the interest of fairness I’d supply this link as well. It does in no way change my feelings on the matter, nor do I necessarily agree with everything. You can find the article here: (And the debate rages on in its comment section.)

To no one’s surprise a large part of today has been spent discussing views on controlled crying. It’s an interesting debate with a lot of different viewpoints and I appreciate all the passionate opinions. I am well aware that I may have stepped on some toes yesterday. I do my best to express what are purely my own thoughts and feelings on what I think is best for my family. I am not trying to pass judgement on anyone else regardless of how I feel, but I also realise that people may feel criticised or even insulted. I have no doubt that this has worked for many, and I am also aware that there are differences between controlled crying, crying it out and camping out as well as variations of each. As I stated in my post, it is simply not for me or my family, but do feel free to share your opinions and experiences.

Here’s to a good night sleep for us all. (Like I had last night when Anakin went back to his old, lovely ways of two overnight feeds and no need for any settling.)

xx Dida

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