Enjoy The Silence

I’m supposed to be doing a few things while Anakin is napping. I need to do some washing, I have a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time on a somewhat delicate subject, I should catch up on some sleep, I need to wash the floors and clean the bathrooms. There are toys that need cleaning, baby food to make and there’s that book I’ve been trying to read for a few months…  The list goes on, but you get the idea.

But I can’t seem to get any of those things done. All I want to do is sit here, drink my coffee and listen to the sweet sound of nothing. (With the exception of the construction work going on next door and the humming from the baby monitor.) I love it when it’s quiet. There’s so much going on at every hour of the day I cherish these quiet moments. I’m starting to think that I am developing an allergy to loud sounds or loud people (that are not Anakin, he’s ok to be loud). It can drive me up the wall.

I’m a fairly quiet person, I can move around and do what needs doing without sounding like an elephant herd. Now, when I say quiet person I just mean in the way I go about doing things, my personality isn’t all that quiet. I’m what i call an extroverted introvert. I like loud colours and have loud opinions, I swear a lot and I can be brutally honest, but I am in general not very loud.

I don’t need the radio on or music playing. I play music for Anakin when he’s awake, but  once he goes down, so does everything else. I don’t need to constantly be doing something either. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think most people could do well with remembering that being quiet isn’t a lost art, they’re just hard of hearing, most of the time.

Having a quiet moment

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