365 Project #7


I have a thing for bunny ears and bunnies in general. I love them and I am sure this was only the first of many times my poor son will suffer under my slight bunny obsession.


“Just chill, Yoda. I haven’t gone to the Dark Side just yet. ”


He’s Casper, the Jedi ghost.

So… turns out I encountered a luxury problem during the most recent 365 shoots. (Not yet featured here.) I had too many good ideas and decided to try them all at once. Then once I had, I immediately found ways of improving most of them, so I reshot them the next day. Seems I’ll have to do that for a bit because when I reshot them I wanted to use more than one and I am still determined to stick to the rules. Lesson being only try one thing at a time and when you get the shot, walk away until tomorrow.

I am getting an idea of how many raw files I’ll end up with from this. It’s a scary number. I had a look yesterday and the count was over 800 already. I like shooting. I at least feel like I am exercising some of my photographic muscles. I’m still trying to get used to working with someone who’s not doing exactly what I tell them. Maybe I’ll have to consider starting to build baby props… Oh dear. This can only go one way…


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